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Kratom Kilos produces high-quality, wholesale bulk kratom powder. You will find competitive prices here that do not compromise the quality of the product. Our proprietary efforts preserve the highest alkaloid content possible by selecting and correctly curing only the best leaves.

Our process uses today’s best practices for hygiene and ventilation. The powder we produce comes from dry rooms that are always outside of any sunshine contamination.

Once we complete the dehydration process, our expert team removes over 25% of each batch because it does not meet our high standards. Then we crush the remaining product by hand to ensure all stems are gone before the grinding process. 


Our Kratom Powder Is Better

Most kratom powder producers will grind the leaves into powder and call the product acceptable. We believe that another step is necessary to ensure that you receive the quality that you deserve with every purchase.

We filter the powder through a cascading series of sieves. This step removes the large, fibrous materials that get left behind with inferior products.

This process gives you a powder that has better fineness. The density of each concentration is better, as are the aromatics you experience with use.

Then we package our kratom powder immediately into dry bags inspected to ensure there no contamination is possible. Then each one receives an injection of nitrogen to prevent oxidation damage during the shipping and handling work necessary to deliver a world-class product to you.

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Our goal is to provide you with the best aroma and sense of freshness that you’ve ever experienced with kratom powder. We bank our reputation on the consistency of our final product.

You should never settle for an inferior product. Purchasing your kratom powder in bulk at wholesale pricing will provide you with a competitive price and a better experience.


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